Cape Cod 2009

September 9, 2009


On a bright sunny day with temperatures in the mid 70’s, we rambled through the trails surrounding a delta-like Long Pond, after which came the much larger adjoining Mashpee and Wakeby Ponds, first in the morning sun, before lunch, and then in the cooler afternoon from 3 o’clock. On the shores, we saw men and women with their pets at water-play.

The clearing views, unforgettable in the midst of the surrounding forests, were bathed by sun light. They blended verdant patterns rivaling those of timid Gothic structures made by man’s effort to imitate nature. Emerald moss-covered roots stepped up into translucent tunnels where we were led by random colonnades buttressing airy canopies. Freshly aromatic air filled to the exhilaration of the errant heart through gullies and groves; in peace with the rhythm of my accompanying soul.

Curing COVID-19

March 24, 2020

Why do epidemiologists refuse to risk trying already approved treatments for other diseases with COVID-19, which are widely available if we are in a state of global emergency that requires it, because of the harbinger of so many millions of deaths a few steps away?

It is true that one of our main challenges today is the fact that there is a lot of misinformation at all levels, either by politicians vying for our care or by bureaucratic epidemiologists, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who are primarily concerned with being politically correct at the expense of diminishing the possibilities demanded by a state of emergency, which obviously implies millions of lives at risk.

More importantly, there is a state of unpreparedness, without adequate measures for virus testing or containment, with insufficient kits to screen everyone and without enough ventilators for the most vulnerable people, who are and will be affected by the virus in a dazzling pandemic wave.

In the spirit of bringing hope, and looking forward to sharing new findings, after consulting with my infectious disease physician, I can now speak carefully and appropriately with all my friends and family about treating the Covid19 coronavirus, based on what I have learned from my doctor and a 35-year survival from the HIV virus.

It may be worth considering the following already approved treatments for other diseases if someone is already symptomatic of the Coronavirus infection and is left with no other option for survival.

Although somewhat speculative and anecdotal, it may be possible to use the remedy originally created to treat malaria, in a 200mg dose of Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) in combination with the antibiotic Zithromax 500mg. This would be a considerably better measure for many vulnerable people than succumbing to certain death without any other recourse.

However, * Planequil * remains an experimental drug, which has had successful results in a few patients with the coronavirus, and its application does not adhere to the rigor established by the FDA to protect the consumer from a possible serious risk, involving treatment not previously examined: such as those that are extensively studied under the double-blind process and other extensive statistical laboratory analysis processes for a specific disease.

Monitoring of cardiovascular conditions and blood pressure is vital in the case of Hydroxychloroquine, as it is known that it can increase blood pressure quite dangerously; that is, especially not for patients who already have cardiovascular disease and who, if they do not die from the coronavirus, may still be at risk of dying from a stroke or sudden heart attack.

There are other treatments available designed as antivirals against HIV. But the same precaution for the use of Planequil is applicable to the use of antiretrovirals. However, antiviral treatments against HIV are considered beneficial because they are intended to protect the immune system and, above all, to protect against diseases that cause respiratory restrictions, which is the common denominator with respect to the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Among antiretrovirals being used as a brief treatment against coronavirus, infectious disease physicians now consider Kaletra (Lopinavir / Ritonavir) in combination with Zithromax as a viable treatment. But you have to take into account the side effects of Kaletra that are to be followed:

Nausea, changes in lipids (blood fat) that need to be monitored routinely, lipodystrophy (fat accumulation), heart disease — just like with Planequil — and diarrhea. Diarrhea can be serious and should be treated through hydration, a proper diet, dietary supplements, and nutritional regulators.

Also the Ebola antiviral called Remdesivir developed by Gilead Sciences was considered a response until a couple of days ago, when its access was suspended due to overwhelming worldwide demand.
All Americans should know that Gilead Sciences has received tremendous benefits from our government, which GS has yet to pay, despite its onerous profit margins. As a result, we should all be active in demanding that this medication be available to all Americans in need, even if its side effects are not adequately known.

In addition, and due to the state of emergency, experimental use in humans with the codvid19 VACCINE, discovered by the Pasteur Institute in San Diego two months ago, has already been tested in humans for 8 days, exceeding animal protocols and comparative studies . . We should ask our representatives to make the vaccine widely available to everyone.

In all of these cases, we must measure whether the risk of side effects should be less important than the benefit of surviving this pandemic wave.


“Existing treatments for other diseases are not necessarily arbitrary choices, even if certain collateral risks are involved. We already know that nothing in science is 100% conclusive, and that experimentation is an integral part of the hermeneutical rigors of science. Isn’t it true that many discoveries are based on intuition within a process of exclusion by focusing on the same symptomatology that exists in other diseases?

What we know, for example, from the treatment of malaria (Plaquenil), or from treatments against HIV (antiretrovirals such as Kaletra), or from the treatment of Ebola (Remdesivir) is that the existing medicines for these diseases can point to common denominators that they coincide with the COVID-19 virus, so it is not so far-fetched to experiment with these drugs; for example, because these medications along with broad-spectrum antibiotics to combat concomitant bacterial infections can help us attack respiratory restrictions such as pneumonia caused by Covid-19. And the question to consider is whether we can afford to lose so many millions of lives while waiting for extensive protocol research.

Contrary to proposing self-medication, or not monitoring one’s health condition with a doctor or health professional, if one were affected by the virus, all we are saying is that we should also question an authoritative narrative, when there is so Little available to help us overcome this pandemic problem

Perhaps, in another decade, we could be on the path to finding a universal treatment for all viruses. But in the meantime, being creative includes the insight of our doctors, even at the risk of losing lives with or without the blame for collateral damage.
Hasn’t this been the case anyway, as a result of the side effects of so many existing drugs, yet they are still used as the FDA’s only official line of defense?
The fact that the Pasteur Institute’s COVID-19 vaccine has begun testing in humans so early in the process tells us that the FDA is already taking a leap of faith in these uncertain times. ”

Share these statements with 20 people in your personal directory to disseminate or edit this information or have them exposed in an open debate with amendments or additions.

Thank you for your attention and participation.

Ricardo F Morin
March 24, 2020

Shareable Quotes:
«  Le pessimiste voit la difficulté dans chaque opportunité; l’optimiste voit l’opportunité dans toute difficulté. » – Winston S. Churchill
« Le préjugé de l’optimiste est d’ignorer les signes précurseurs de la vie, en supposant à tort une invincibilité. » – Laurie B Grad

Robert Serra and Civilian Paramilitaries in Venezuela

February 29, 2020

Reality is always much more complex than fiction. According to official statements and multiple observers, the emblem of the Venezuelan Socialist State, young legislator Robert Serra, was killed in ‘a crime of passion’ by the same minors, who were part of the civilian paramilitaries called “colectivos,” whom he sexually exploited. It should not surprise us, then, that his acerbic and cunning way of expressing himself as a politician, representative of Chavism, was parallel to his intimate life as a sadomasochist: Another manifestation of the moral and political degradation that reigns in Venezuela.

For 20 years, these young people, “colectivo” paramilitaries, carry scot free the function of murdering, and inflicting fear through a wide wave of criminal activity, while armed and protected by the Venezuelan de facto regime of Nicolas Maduro. The Colectivos assume that they act as defenders of revolutionary freedoms, while enforcing the justice of gangsterism in a tyrannical state of anarchy. At the same time Maduro’s dictatorship purports to dissociate itself from its relationship with these groups by creating false accusations and elevating Robert Serra as a martyr, and the Colectivos in turn threaten to join a coup d’etat against the Maduro’s government.

Let us be clear that gangsterism and the defense of freedom cannot coexist in solidarity, and that a socialist revolution supported by gangsters is a false revolution.

The Chavista propaganda aims to propagate the idea that the hunger experienced by the Chavista followers is not real, that the current economic collapse is the result of something other than the ineptitude of their rulers. The threats of gangsters are intended at suppressing freedom of expression of the individual in order to maintain this kind of populist tyrannical government, centralized in a paternalistic false economy: like the retrograde and barbaric conditions of Russia today. The real war of the Russian legacy is the hunger war imposed by its own rulers (as in the history of Cuba, and Romania) monopolizing national resources to keep in power.

The understanding of this reality can only be found in each individual, as long as he or she does not accept the muzzle of fear imposed by terror and indoctrination. It is easier for the Castros, Putins and Maduros of the world to incite hatred of an enemy with imaginary answers than to respond to the state of shame and confusion promoted by themselves, mired as they are in a grotesque ambition of power.

Astrological Nonsense

February 19, 2020

Perennially emerging, like a wanderer in uncertain state,

… without a leader,

Where authority seems to derive from powers of disbelief,

confusing and conflicting,

With freedom come ethers and inconsistencies making him stagger.


Our perception of a changing reality is limited by our own finitude, by our limited ability to differentiate our perception of what is perceived. Is it possible to presume the meaning of destiny, when we interpret the changing flow of reality, particularly by denying being outside our own perception of events? The changes that take place in nature can only be perceived as changes or opportunities for us to understand how our limited knowledge exists in any case; which cannot be entirely conclusive—certainly not to predict the future. Unfortunately, that is a difficult pill to swallow for many, who thrive in a false sense of reality; with an immutable mentality about their own perceptions, and the harmful effects inflicted by traditions, however intense those convictions may be.

So much has been written about debunking astrology (Astromancy) [*] throughout the ages, that it may seem absurd for some quarters to still discuss its validity today, albeit astrology continues being in business with a great following throughout the world. In the United Stares alone, “mystical services” market which includes astrology as well as services, like aura reading and mediumship, is now a $2.2 billion industry [*1] Incomes vary from State to State. For example, “an astrology professional in Florida may bring in an average annual salary of $38,000, while an astrologist in Michigan may pull down $44,000. In Oregon, the salary of an astrologist hovers around $41,000, while in New Jersey, salaries may be as high as $49,000 per year” [*2]. According to Forbes, we even have assistive global financial-market-astrologers, who follow and direct “market trends or demands.” [*3]

And yet astrology´s presuppositions simply amount to a placebo, and like any belief system, it lends itself as a profitable instrument for deception, not too distant from the way of acquiring tithes for most religions. Some astrologers would go as far as pretending that science is obliged to bear the burden of proving that Astrology is not a science, even if the burden falls on Astrology itself. [*4]

Only those reluctant to face their own ignorance are subordinate to the endeavors of stagnant knowledge. Ever since the Age of Reason, astrology is not an acceptable discipline, certainly not equal to the field of scientific research. Astrology may seem scientific, because it uses certain astronomical data in its particular arrangement of celestial bodies. It may claim as well the use of probing tools, to establish the relationship of the planets in astral charts, while providing a superficial and simplistic generalization about the sidereal movement of the planets: Adding incongruence with its oblivion to recently astronomical findings (new planets such as Ceres and Haumea; as well as Pluto no longer cutting the status of a planet), astrology admittedly has no where to go but to dismantle its entire foundation. Its practitioners may purport generating expectations about future events pondered via divinatory exercises, which are based on a determination of fictitious archetypes, and the framework of a fictitious methodology, invalid as scientific evidence.

Astrology aligns much better with the trends of climate change deniers or with anti-evolutionists, both based on archaic and superstitious literature. In such opposition to science, a profitable market is increased fomenting political and religious sectarianism, besides deeply rooted mental illnesses.

From its origins, Astrology followed the accumulation of mythologies propagated throughout Indo-European cultures, approximately since the third millennium BC: an evolution that spread throughout India, China, the Western Hemisphere and the Middle East. Theology and liturgical rituals that encompassed prescriptive and divinatory complexities of the world of antiquity, then converged on the creation of astral charts during the time of the Babylonians. These modalities came from a social and cultural legacy when myth acted as a tool of governance according to how the Oracle and priests perceived the influences of the stars and planets over their lives. The life of an individual was thus conceived by how the interpretation of his destiny depended on such astral influences. A dualistic iconography of “positive and negative attributes, strengths and weaknesses” was thus recreated: The notion that an individual was mentally and circumstantially affected by fate, traced, as it were, by the influence of the planets. Inevitably, tribal as was the human mind of antiquity, the meaning given to the planets also misrepresented a philosophy based on prejudice towards certain associated signs, as well as a kind of favoritism and deference towards other planetary signs, which was a reflection of its own mythological hierarchy. This contributed to the euthanasia of descendants born under an evil sign or other phobias such as siderophobias or kosmikophobias: fears based on cultural beliefs of ancestral origins, such as signs with angelic or demonic properties, and many other forms of esotericism on adverse relationships at the level of macrocosm or microcosm—interpretations and obscurantisms that have remained persistent from the Middle Ages to the present day.

With the evolution of science, after the seventeenth century, it became self-evident that astrology could not be subject to the same rules and hermeneutics of scientific research, but derived from the legacy of a tradition of beliefs separate from science. [* 5] Soon thereafter astronomy and astrology were considered disciplines without any relative congruence. Astronomy, the study of objects and phenomena that originated beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, was considered a widely studied science and academic discipline. Whereas, astrology’s use of the apparent positions of celestial objects—as the basis for the prediction of future events—, remained a form of divination, without scientific validity.

Astrologers themselves cannot agree on what astrology is supposed to be. As with the Chinese zodiac, the dominance of astrology, popularized by charlatans through the media entertainment-industry, remains a distorted view of our universe.

Astrology is an entertainment trade, which profits from the gullibility of its clientele. Random game entertainment, sleight of hand and magic come to perform much more honorable functions than divinatory astrology. Astrologers stubbornly cling to obsolescence over the centuries, in detriment of the individual’s conscience and freedom of thought: By paying homage to the superstition of all ages, astrological traditions have contributed for millennia to the vices of mankind.

Destiny does not belong to a system, since life is always in motion, always regenerating and transforming. Systematizing life, therefore, is to force it by denying its vital quality. Pure reason cannot understand destiny, nor can its antithesis, which is pure feeling, never understand it. Compassion would be perhaps the most intelligent requirement for the understanding of destiny and life, while mere sentimentality will always be weak and useless.


[*1] Rising Signs (The Verge) by Allie Jones on October 4, 2019






The stars never lie, but the astrologers do lie about the stars

HOMER, The Iliad

This is the excellent foppery of the world, that when we are sick in fortune (often the surfeits of our own behaviour) we make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and stars: as if we were villains on necessity; fools by heavenly compulsion; knaves, thieves, and treacherous by spherical predominance; drunkards, liars, and adulterers by an enforced obedience of planetary influence; and all that we are evil in, by a divine thrusting on. An admirable evasion of whoremaster man, to lay his goatish disposition on the charge of a star!


Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy: the mad daughter of a wise mother.


Astrology is like any other superstition: It has no power unless people allow it to direct their lives.

BILL MYERS, “The Haunting”

The boats that brought Puritanism, Quakerism, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam — all the old world religions — [to America] brought astrology and magic as well.

JON BUTLER, “Astrology is an Age-Old American Fascination”, New York Times, December 22, 2015

Astrology is like religion itself, in a very equivocal state. There is a well-grounded reason for belief that it is a truth; but it is impossible for any man to read the details with accuracy. The quackery of astrology lies, like Pharisaical religion, in overt pretensions.


“In the ancient and medieval world, the exploration of physical influences among heavenly bodies, and between the heavenly bodies and objects on earth, was generally called ‘astrology.’ But we must not confuse this with the current socially acceptable form of bigotry that seems to entitle the human beings who believe in it to prejudge the character of others based solely on their dates of birth.”

ROBERT P CREASE, The Great Equations: Breakthroughs in Science from Pythagoras to Heisenberg

If people were a little more ignorant, astrology would flourish; and if a little more enlightened, religion would perish.


Self Healing

February 18, 2020

One becomes accustomed to fear as an accumulated force of stress that produces the effects of entrenchment, concentrated in the most vulnerable areas of our bodies, in our own metabolism, leading to chronic diseases, and to a cruel reality.
It is necessary to realize that all of our hormones can assist us in healing our bodies, especially the pituitary gland, which governs the emotional temperament of our parasympathetic nervous system, which, if producing positive energy, it would be equivalent to tranquility and emotional relaxation.
We can have control of the quality of hormones we produce through our mental disposition, through visualization and the quality of our meditation, including our regenerative breathing practices, which oxygenate every cell in our bodies. These are our healing tools. Healing is found, if you will, in one’s emotional heart. The mind absorbs a lot of negative information and if given free rein, we are unable to have control over its influence. That is why meditation is so important, since it is a way to silence the mind, a way to center it while one composes it’s energy. But there is no one way or a technique for meditation. All meditation methods are precisely those that are restricted by very particular idiosyncrasies. The best form of meditation is not a technique given to you. The technique itself is contrary to the concept of meditation. It would be as absurd as talking about the best way to know oneself. The only way to know oneself dwells in each individual and does not come from any external source, not even from God.

Each individual has to find his own realization and/or understanding of meditation, through the proverbial “know yourself.”
We can release our individual sense of guilt, which we carry from past traumas and disturbing emotions, or long-term resentments; from any concept of victimization that keeps us unrelentingly stressed.
Releasing the victim inside us is the most valuable realization. It is to see oneself with compassion towards the child in us, the child who lacks maternal or paternal love, to restore one with one’s will over one’s own internal jurisdiction . One can give oneself the love one lacks at any stage of one’s existence, playing a kinder role as a father, as a mother, husband, wife, brother, sister, son and daughter, as a friend or as a stranger; and all that is self-love, from the energy that connects us all in a form of entanglement, yet residing in each one independent of one another.

The resentment we harbor hurts ourselves the most, although we believe that our hatred and anger may be directed at others and not at ourselves. Hatred and anger consume us because they come from our internal jurisdiction and hence the consequences are more serious than any desire for outwardly revenge. Likewise, when we harbor resentment, it brings disorder in our bodies, it consumes us and weakens us emotionally and physically.

On the other hand, it is also true that there are unexplained diseases in innocent beings with no apparent causes, and one may wonder why, but the answer is generally beyond our reach. Fate may not reveal reasons, which time itself may or may not grant us to understand. What seems unfair at some point in time, may have a divine reason, which may be fair to the extent of many things outside our perceptible world. There is so much that we ignore, so that humility becomes a necessity and not a choice, because nothing can possibly be conclusive at any time, with a resting place for us to analyze. The important thing is to embrace life and have faith and confidence in its wisdom, even if we do not grasp its reasons for being. One can speak of destiny, of God, of universal energy, of the vital force of divine love manifested in our nature. All these beliefs have validity and at the same time are concepts imponderable to our minds.

I urge you to meditate on the conviction offered by love and faith, through expressions of gratitude for your self-healing, just as if your healing was already a fact.
Breathe good health, free from all fear of illness, free from all stress. Release all fears through faith in your own ability to do so.

Exorcizing Cuba from Venezuela

February 13, 2020

We have no doubt that justice will come to Donald John Trump after the end of his presidency, when he loses the partisan immunity that Republicans have given him while in control of the Senate of the United States of America.

If at the confluence of a partisan acquittal, Trump allegedly takes advantage of becoming reelected president by earning points among Latino voters, while he supports the president in charge of the Venezuelan nation struggling against Cuban usurpation, such a thing, however plausible, will not lend him necessarily any prestige, or virtue. On the contrary, it is just a reflection of the opportunism that characterizes his impulsive actions at this time, not to be trusted by anyone with a good sense. Fate and history will be in charge of seeing it without ambiguity under the only optic that he deserves: as the one American president, most illusive to the judicial system of the most powerful nation of the world, but whose existence will probably be cut off by natural causes, or by the same weight of its excesses:

“Ignorance is the blind instrument of its own destruction: Through ambition and intrigue, the abuse of credulity and the entrapment of inexperienced people outside of all political, economic or civil knowledge. The tyrant, unaware of his ignorance, accompanies his sycophant followers by adopting as realities those that are pure illusion …”

Today we have commentators like Mr. Carlos Acosta from EVTV in Miami, who, far from helping the Venezuelan libertarian cause, focuses on Twitterers without names, as if they had any relevance. It is well known that the Twitter application is only a means of elocution for propaganda among perhaps not even 11% of voters anywhere, and where the cited cybernetic detractions, without specificity or origin, one, in the know, realizes, to come from days before the elocution to the State of the Union, and long before Juan Guaidó’s unexpected interview at The White House. Media commentators of low caliber then reflect their own opportunistic flare of journalism by sensationalizing pettiness, divergences that, because they are inappropriate in the course of events, have no reason for being, and hence they should be disregarded particularly when approached so dishonestly.

Much more relevant are the Republican and Democratic politicians of the United States, together with the immaturity and demagoguery of the Venezuelan opposition and the confluence of Hispano American politicians, all engaging in a total disregard for the preemptive fact of a Cuban invasion and usurpation of Venezuela, during the last 21 years of a Castro-Chavist symbiosis: All those politicians across the Western Hemisphere have been equally permissible, complicit and deplorable of that fact

As an American-Venezuelan citizen, aware of the demise of one’s native nation, I addressed each of the American presidents, who were by omission complicit with the evolution of Castro-charismatic. Only Barack Obama responded exhorting the effort of Venezuelan nationals to gain their freedom, albeit they were captive to a totalitarian regime. In his missive below, Obama justified many platitudes, while in contrast with the fact that in his own regime, as in previous regimes, there also existed implicit acceptance or indifference of Russian meddling in the affairs of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, in his own backyard.

This letter from the White House was received on May 7, 2014 through an email address. The answer on the same date:

Honorable President Barack Obama:

Thank you for your kind and generous response.

Not admitted by your response is the fact that the United States has important economic commitments that prevent intervention in Venezuela, and that, in effect, if the United States were to remove a dictator who is illegitimate, all of US contracts therein would be nullified and void, hence aggravating an American economy still in recovery.

An US dependence on oil is the basis for our dilemma and its unwanted consequences. However, a country like Venezuela that is stateless may not be able to meet either the American demands nor those of its own people. But ultimately, the American economic security, as well as the stability of the region, may depend on the United States being firmer in its resolve to intervene and extract Cuban interference on Venezuela’s sovereignty.

Sincerely yours,

Ricardo F Morin ”

Today we see the same Spaniards fighting against Castro-Chavism exported to Spain. And thanks to the good sense of the Spanish opposition, we see the efforts to undress this unworthy farce of the president of Spain allowing the influence of Castro-Chavism to take place in his country and the European Union.

The four universal freedoms are being defended by the rest of the democratic countries of the world against all those governments that abuse human rights as Cubans do in Venezuela: It is our struggle in the name of freedom of expression, freedom of belief, freedom from fear and freedom from need.

Writing on Twitter:

@DiazCanelCuba World Democratic leaders defend the 4 freedoms against human rights abuses by Cuban mercenaries ordered by the Cuban regime: The solemn struggle on behalf of freedom of expression, freedom of belief, freedom of fear and freedom of necessity!

One still hears today Venezuelan commentators such as Gladys Rodriguez, who was serving on the television channel of the Venezuelan government, Globovision, while being controlled by the leaders of the Hugo Chavez regime and later Nicolás Maduro’s until she got “tired” of being harassed while she had for many years participated in tele-harassing Venezuelans who were outraged by the Castro-Chavist tyranny.

How could one not notice that the same analysis of her criticism has been nurtured by both Castro-Chavist intelligence and its counter-intelligence, the opposition party MUD as well as the Venezuelan oligarchic Bolichicos of all times, recriminating common Venezuelans from raising up in protest: Why to complain about misinformation by the Castro-Chavista tyranny, as if it were undeserving?

It seems a travesty that according to the opinion of this journalist, Gladys Rodriguez, any investigation into a state of disinformation is better subjected to a judgment about ambiguous subtleties that should be broken down into a so called “more positive” light, when in fact such a provision is used as another propaganda slogan against “negative or destructive criticism” or a form of repudiation of the good sense of protesting against anarchy. Except that there are multiple reasons to question the integrity of all the participants of the Venezuelan political arena: a culture quite given to the cult of fatuous symbols, to superstition, and the power of vying leaders who care less about the liberty of individuals than as to how to rob common goods.

What happens in Venezuela is an exorcising process that is actively evolving to eliminate the excesses of naivety and immaturity of both its people and its leaders. It doesn’t hurt that there is skepticism; It does not hurt to stop believing in the goodwill of politicians; It does not hurt to stop believing in the pomposity of rituals at any level.

Many of the governmental entities playing the geopolitical world of today, were also complicit in the Castro-communist movement, the same entities, who then turn in about face to support Juan Guaidó as President in charge of Venezuela. Yet, as long as the Cuban tyranny and usurpation persist in Venezuela, the gestures that claim to be so respectable are simply the product of opportunism …

To what extend can dispossessing misconceptions be attained by observing frail opinions? The present exhorts us to call for the intelligence of compassion, to the sincerity, the respect and recognition for the various efforts of people to understand their suffering at the hands of tyranny.

The possibility of a union can only be based on respect for intellectual diversity, and not on thinking in the same manner. There will always be enough open space in a country, where the freedom of the individual reigns and we all stop thinking about the funnel law of despotic systems. What are the reformers and media commentators when they propose to leave a tyranny to enter another form of tyranny?

Why Do Hispanic American Rulers Struggle with Capitalism?

December 26, 2019

It is possible to analyze that the immaturity of Hispanic Americans in general is a product of the destructive Spanish legacy, which undermines the psychological integrity of the American peoples from their colonization. We speak of a legacy of psychological insecurity, rooted in the inability, of these peoples, to reject their dependence on a corrupt ruling State.

Like the Spanish State with respect to its nation, the Latin American states do not act for the prosperity of their nations, but as the controlling entity of individual freedoms. These states restrict the broad development of human and natural resources with the aim of enriching the same ruler above all things and the oligarchy that holds him in power.

And it is from there that the distinctive character of the Spanish-American ruler is fertilized in enmity with capitalism: an economic system that is mobilized by free and competitive business investment; with the freedom of the minority individual; under the universal republican precepts that govern the separation of governmental powers, and the autonomy of each of its institutions.

Like Spain from the 14th century until our era, none of the Latin American nations has a thorough understanding of the meaning of free trade. Competitive mercantilism is unknown because it does not exist in practice.

The meaning of collective protection for its rulers is nothing more than the exploitation of existing resources to benefit the ruling class. Similarly, the incentive to individual production is absent or a rarity, no matter how much is said, by the small handful of people who have enough perseverance to produce, despite the limitations of populist regimes. There is simply no respect for private property, no respect for the dignity of an individual’s personality; as well as no respect for the foundations, which would generate the road to a free market and macroeconomic stability.

The Latin American demagogues and their supposed reformers, dictators and leaders, gather power to exploit these limitations and vulnerabilities inherited from the bad Spanish genius, through castes that are enriched by stealing common resources or forging a poor distribution of resources: what manifests itself into majoritarian poverty.

There we have for instance a Venezuelan opposition, the supposed resistance to the current tyranny of Venezuela, while being influenced by the enmity or distrust of the Republican capitalism of the United States of America (partly against the anti-democratic efforts of the Trump regime!), inspired by the same fallacies of Fidel Castro, of those who think that the objective of a transition from Madurismo or Castrismo is “a substitution of the same rules of engagements”; each one pretending to be better in the exercise of the same populist socialist system, with the same ministerial councils founded by Chavista populism; depending on the same values of the corrupt state, from which they receive gifts to offer in return bread and circus to the masses.

If they had enlightened views to understand how to reverse this dysfunction, to establish a stable and productive economy, instead of a single economy, rather than for example creating drug cartels to fill the pockets of generals and the Cuban intelligence who brought them to power, the current Venezuelan regime of the last 20 years and the Castroist one of the last 60 years – of those rulers, who insist on the same rhetorical atavisms – these rulers would have already remedied the famine that has prevailed among their peoples. The Hispanic diaspora towards North America, which assists the Latin American demagogues to baste rhetorics of a fertile enmity, shows us in of itself the voluminous falsehood of such failed states.

If these rulers were at all intelligent or productive, the Latin American peoples would have already established a free market, legalizing even the drug trade to impose themselves on world demand, instead of joining internationally organized crime-cartels. Or the production of private industry would have already diversified, instead of having the central government expropriating companies to undermine their yields; without giving a damn about the merit of these companies and while abrogating the rights of individuals who form the production forces.

For the myopic ruler and Spanish-American reformer, reality is only perceived through the path of plundering, and the denial of individual freedom: This is the greed of the narcissistic and unscrupulous ruler, without productive imagination; who is steeped into an atavistic rancor between depression and cruelty.

As part of that diaspora, my family benefited from the example of our father, who, in most of his contests with the true enemy, the State, waited for the right time to present his best defense.

Our father’s thesis for his doctorate in political science, entitled “Human Capital” in 1947–written when he was 26 years old-, was based on the liberal and universal principles established by “The Law” of Frederick Bastiat, written in 1850. Although, we had not read it before his death in 1997; I came to understand first his thesis through how my father expressed himself during his life time: Through his actions as a litigator and reflections in his personal life.

On one occasion, I heard my father tell his real estate agent in my presence, when I was just a 7-year-old boy, that he would have preferred to loose his life in defense of our freedom and private property, if he was ever threatened by a populist system. The irony is that my father did die two years before Hugo Chávez came to establish a system of such a calamity for the humiliation of all Venezuelans: From his presidential election in 1999 to his ”Ante-morten-appointment’of a Madurist dictatorship, which has extended to our present days.

And of course, I understood from an early age the extreme exasperation that my father expressed–reactive as he was–, for his fear of losing not so much what he had accumulated in his life, but for the possibility of losing his own dignity and freedom as an individual. For my father, death in the face of such a threat was the only option. His overwhelming manifestation served to us, his descendants, as a reference to strengthen confidence in the importance of free will, as well as the maximum courage required to defend oneself before the falsehood of populism.

Like Frederick Bastiat, whose lament gave birth to a transcendental defense of republican rights for all times, against an oppressive monarchy and oligarchy, through his publication of “The Law” of 1850–during the second part of the French Revolution–; today, we, Hispanics, also fight against the oppressive force of Castroism in Venezuela, as in those countries of Central and South America (including the emerging populism of MLO in Mexico); where a so-called revolutionary communist-socialism prevails; their ideological falsehood throughout history; their duplicity as populist pillagers.

Nevertheless, we still face an underlying enigma: The laxity of character and sentimentality of temperament that only seeks a facile immediacy – without sacrifice–; falsely believing to shed responsibility. How does one change Hispanic thinking, so steeped in that psychological uncertainty, that it isn’t even aware of it? Even in the benevolence of its adult maturity, its voice conflates an apology for expressing an understandable and justifiable fury. From within, it emits a wearily cynical cry over what he perceives to be a massive conformism, which goes beyond acceptance; beyond self-immolation; beyond capitulating or bending over; beyond surrendering to tyranny out of extreme fear: Be it similar to drowning in the stupor of insidiousness and recalcitrant meekness — the product of oppressive exhaustion — submissive in the absence of any foresight; without reason or common sense; malnourished in mind, body and soul; mired in disbelief, even at the demand of the instinct to survive; beyond self-confidence, with the total abandonment of suppressing one’s own will, as in a state of absolute dejection. What happens to the individual then, who, letting himself be victimized, prefers to ignore the vehement call of destiny, not rising to the diversity of collective freedoms?

What virtue can there be among Hispanic countries today, as the individual loses freedom, justice, peace and life itself in the name of an obsolete regime like the Castros’? These are invaders, vampire gangsters, installed to establish a system that has nothing to do with any system, Marxist or socialist; who purport to be justified by virtue of comparing themselves to the alleged failures of other political systems.

A political system should be primarily moral, otherwise is not worth a damn. How many times have we witnessed a political revolution as a neurotic manifestation; which invariably results in genocide? This is the fate of the current battle without truce imposed by the lawlessness that grips Hispanic nations today, thanks to the Castro brothers and their followers.

It may sound respectable to speak of justice when in fact it is an irrational power struggle, when the poor are worse off than ever before, when gangland spreads, when institutions are destroyed, for a parody of decency, a mockery of human rights. The solution is not in the books or in the time that it might take to educate the masses. The solution lies in purging the ignominious character that has been sown in the heart of the Hispanic people. The victims do not belong to a single sector but everyone at the hands of a narcissist delusional dictator like Fidel Castro, in his effort to endow us with his nefarious legacy. I urge you to join the protest of conscience: Laxity is the origin of political immaturity. Without unity, collective liberties, harmony and peace will not exist.

VENEZUELA: The Globalization of Tyranny

September 1, 2019

We are witnessing how the changing relationship between nations is affecting the global order, including the balance of powers vis-à-vis the United States.

While Donald Trump’s xenophobic regime is increasingly isolating itself from world relations, by abandoning international democratic principles–in particular, the Monroe doctrine–, and actively diminishing the strength of the liberal global market; the fascist ideological forces behind the network of intercontinental crime (under the mantle of 21st century international communism), are promoting new attitudes towards global governance: from the Russian mafias supporting Putin that pose a threat to the security of European countries and Latin America, to the expansionist agenda of China itself in Asia and Latin America. We can also add to it the Russian interference in the last presidential elections of the United States in 2016, and the same notion already planted for future elections.

Another example of tyrannical governance is based on the enactment of a ‘great fatherland’, as a strategy for world unification, which is being codified by Russia and China with the aid of radical Islamist proxies located in the very backyard of the United States: in Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, etc … They are all part of what the globalist campaign of international communism calls the quest for an utopian Patria Grande or Great Fatherland: to ensue the travesty of a nation where, like Cuba, the freedom of the individual is reduced to the struggle for his survival through cooperation with his captors. Its objective is to turn the nation into a malleable subject, where subsistence depends on the level of submission, to destroy any semblance of democracy by creating slaves willing to give their lives for the Great Fatherland.

Then, it is at its own peril that the current USA administration remains disengaged from the idea of military intervention, solely to speak of dialogue or sanctions meant to be imposed on the de-facto mafias that rule countries like Venezuela and Cuba, Nicaragua and Honduras, or to invoke the Inter-American Democratic Treaty accorded by the UN and the OEA, as if these timid measures could at all prevent the genocide of dissenting majorities. In the meantime Trump’s domestic policies have become a distraction from his own ineptitude to comprehend the complexity of being the president of the most powerful nation in the world, and yet there is the possibility that he still could be re-elected. The possibility that Trump may attain greater political power in a second term to act effectively in the international arena is very doubtful, and the likelihood of United States becoming much weaker is highly probable.

Meanwhile, we know that Venezuela’s governmental institutions have already imploded and the autonomy of its State has ceased to exist, occupied as it is by rogue States such as Cuba, Russia and China, with a military presence; who are aided, in turn, by paid local paramilitaries and guerrilla groups from Colombia (La FARC and ELN), as well as the Shia Islamic radical groups, denominated as Hezbollah, and other groups anointed by the Ayatollahs of Iran and Syria.

Yet, from the world’s demographic explosion of Muslins today, we may foretell a possible distopic outcome, one that is hard to articulate without the risk of being discriminatory or politically inadmissible: Just as Muslims in the Middle East are being engaged in an allegiance to Russian army-forces and Putin’s intelligentsia—to serve as destabilizing instruments in the Russian expansion and war of occupation of the Western world—, at the same time, discrimination of Muslims in China and India only serves to further eradicate any illusive allegiance with non-Muslins, a discrepancy that could embolden greater radicalism and terrorism than it has already been seen across the world, until it ultimately becomes an overwhelming critical mass of Muslims persecuting infidels in every corner of the orb.

Trump’s Futile Pressure

July 5, 2018

Besides being disappointed with the orchestrated news report of July 2018–the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune among others–about Trump’s failed efforts to persuade Latin American countries to intervene in the elimination of Venezuela’s Narco State, one cannot help but wonder why now, why are we allowed to know all about this farce at this precise moment, a year after the events occurred and now presented by these reports? What exactly is the point, apart from dismissing and ridiculing Trump’s attempts as naive or hasty, when in reality it should be obvious that the security of the continent is in danger, that there is nothing naive or reckless about an intervention given the current events in South and Central America?

The conflicts and vacillations of Rex Tillerson, H.R. McMaster and Mark Feierstein were swept under the rug and glossed over; the press never questioned them; just as the last president of Colombia, Santos, with his own alliance with the Castros, was not on the radar of the press (It remains to be seen if the new president Ivan Duke makes any difference); or just as the press dismissed: the opposition leaders of Venezuela, who make up the dysfunctional establishment of Venezuela, as corrupt as those in power, they were also ignored.

Who benefits from these abstentions to intervene? Certainly there is no benefit for the 27 million people of Venezuela, who are dying of hunger oppressed by criminal elites while the country is buried in a spiraling hyperinflation never seen in human history.

We live in a world of mirrors. Most politicians seem to be deflecting because, as it is obvious, most conflicts are due to conflicts of individual or partisan interest, not collective ones. But when the goal of avoiding a protracted conflict – already underway for almost 20 years – turns to burying heads into the sand of oblivion, the real naivete is exactly not to intervene. The misguided wisdom of such inactions on the part of the press will return to bite many politicians and journalists in the back when it is too late, when history will take charge of the responsibility to prosecute them as accomplices to a Narco system. The desire for a parallel intervention was recently manifested by the Lima Group, which has now been discredited thanks to these reports that date back to a September 2017 consensus and not to the present one.

The elements of a possible military intervention to extract Nicolás Maduro and henchmen can not be equated with the elimination of Saddam Hussein and the incitement to radical tribal differences. Venezuela and Iraq have different geopolitical dynamics. In fact, Venezuela, a country of mixed races and creeds, could become a promising land of opportunities for all its citizens as well as for any investor interested in developing the multitude of its natural resources. The social confrontations in Venezuela are due to economic and social differences that a regime of criminals would never solve. And if it is allowed to go unchecked, it will infect its contaminating force to all regions of the Americas.

How could it be proven that the US economic sanctions are effective to combat cryptocurrency along with transnational cartel trades and money laundering that gradually undermine the global economy? Can anyone know for sure that the influence of these factors may not be nefariously instrumental in the collapse of the world’s economy as we know it?

We are surrounded by many opinions, plausible statements to entertain us with possibilities, many of them from an imprecise perception, because they are an insincere call to good sense before an increasingly difficult situation for the whole region.

These possibilities remain an expression of hope, expectations that we all share, despite the fact that they have not led to an intervention in the last 19 years of Russian-Cuban interference. If there has been a dilation of that consensus that is sought, among so many European and American countries, between the diplomatic agencies and the various institutions of international security, which have remained immune to the urgency of the case; then it is valid to ask if there really is precision of purpose; if there is authenticity in the motivations; if there is sincerity and resolve.

It could be another two, three years and even longer period of clouding a resolution within excuses after excuses, between timely oratories to every aspect of the crisis, between efforts to organize a coalition with the sole purpose of organizing without any effective result, organizing for the sake of organizing, with a respectful indolence, with frank indifference to the rubble of a society in ruins, a hungry nation, prey to the ignominy of extermination, while the countries of America and Europe entertain themselves with doubts and adorned hesitation.

We all know that Marco Rubio’s statement to Univision September 2, 2018 was not honest, as to whether a year ago the Venezuelan government would have been “distinctly different” from the current narco-criminal state. In just one year, a putative government did not metamorphose into a transnational criminal state.

What is “distinctly different” today is the emerging migrant masses as a result of the violation of the human rights of a criminal state, as well as hyperinflation, which exceeds more than one million percent, thus forcing a great exodus in less than two years never seen in South America with a million and a half people escaping to survive the famine and the gradual decline of their lives: a process that began more than a decade ago with an emigration that has risen to 5 million people or over 10 percent of the population of Venezuela.

What was different a year ago was the lack of scrutiny on the security of the continent, ignored by many countries pending the US investigation into Russia, which has been evaded due to the possible collusion of the very president of the United States of America.

The events themselves are forging the truth which is impelled in a process of intrinsic necessity about a reality about to roll the heads of politicians and criminals alike.

The origin of the metastasis of the electoral movement of 21st century socialism in Hispanic and Latin countries lies in the mistaken conception of egalitarianism to which those with a lack of resources and low social mobility aspire.

Hence, we see the vast majority of followers of the political party “Podemos” in Spain, just as those followers of the new socialist president of Mexico, López Obrador, the reduced legacy of Correa in Ecuador, and the persistent support to Evo Morales in Bolivia: the millennials, who are indolent generations looking for a paternalistic government at the expense of an autocratic or criminal regime, that which will finally steals their own liberties to stay in power. Just see the good example provided by Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Cubans, or what Chileans had to endure to reach sobriety.

The difference is that the generations of the new millennial do not know or understand the meaning of loosing collective liberties until they live it in their own flesh. The stubbornness of the rebel consists in not recognizing his/her own restrictions and that’s why he/she stubbornly protests inequalities, believing that the key to happiness results from envy while he/she can steal from his/her neighbors the fruit of their efforts, instead of being educated or laboring with honesty.

These young generations want to be rich reality stars regardless of their merits. Their notoriety lays in the falsity of egalitarian narratives. They sustain and open the doors to the mercenary crusades of rogue states of the world: Those who want to align their interest in global geopolitics for the purpose of strengthening their subsistence, through the hegemony of rampant crime and exploitation of common goods.

Repúblico Franceschi.

March 22, 2018

Venezuelans of all races, genders and tendencies rise up against the tyranny of all those would-be reformers with double discourse, the battle of egos between power mongers, the duplicity of mercenary politicians hectoring for our attention.

Let us begin with Alberto Franceschi-Gonzalez, who has never met the requirements of an academic doctorate, nor has he even tentatively been nominated in any field of study at any university; without known academic advisor; he knows not what it means to be dedicated to the demanding task that requires an exhaustive research or development for a doctoral thesis; he has not proven the capacity to wield debates to demonstrate a subtle breakdown of all aspects in a high-caliber issue: the hermeneutics of any subject, whether in the humanities or in any other field of research. Having made an appearance in a few higher-education courses at the Sorbonne University does not render him an academician who qualifies for a doctorate. Just as having made an appearance during the seventies in the Spanish resistance movement, against the military dictator, General Franco, does not hoist him as an expert in political science. In Wikipedia, Franceschi is purported to be instrumental in the success of the overthrow of the Soviet Union before Perestroika—not thanks to Gorbachev. And as if his vainglories of professionalism were not sufficient, Franceschi emulates with pride the exiguous theories of the aristocratic ideologist, Alberto García-Trevijano, whom he refers to as his guru and man of greater wisdom in Spain, a dissident activist of 94 years of age, who when speaking foams at the mouth from uncontrollable rage.

In his exaggerated exposition Franceschi justifies himself with a so called traditionalist “Catholic-Conservative-morality”: His vision of what institutional marriage should be, like a bulwark against a supposed sense of immorality, he claims that his concept of morality is confronted by a covert operation of moral destruction in a Hollywood conspiracy to inculcate mass homosexuality as a mere objective. His phraseology is clearly the product of a reactionary mentality along the lines of Vatican’s authoritarianism; which, ironically, anoints itself in a sanctuary of pedophiles who hate themselves in secret.

Franceschi’s hyperboles do not stop when he justifies them as a dark and incomprehensible panorama formed by an omniscient machinery for the control of human behavior-and one does not need to wonder far to realize he is referring to the entertainment industry led by non-Christians. And, of course, it would be extremely difficult for an ordinary man, immersed in prejudice and superficial chatter, to arrive at a coherent analysis.

His diatribes are so seriously convulsing, because in a single stroke they discredit Franceschi’s own support in favor of the so called collective freedoms, erected by Garcia-Trevijano’s MCRC movement, thus rendering false his signification of the Republic, that which in a better sense would refer to the understanding of human diversity, as well as the diversity of gender, which are an inescapable part of nature in all its complexity. It is even more serious when in the search for a better world than the human being has known for millennia, instead of affirming the discovery of the human being in all its complexities, tribal division and marginalization are to be emphasized by such would-be-reformers, as indeed the human race has lived tormented by them since its millenary origins, i.e; reformers in favor of so called traditional values. These reformers do not go hand in hand with our current geopolitical reality, when we are moving globally from the criminalization of homosexuality to the criminalization of homophobia: an unprecedented historical reversal.

In any case, his apoplectic inconsistencies and typical gibberish notions in the use of language go hand in hand with calling himself a doctor, which confabulates an authority that Franceschi does not have— very much in spite of a general practice by lawyers and other disciplines of knowledge in Humanities among Hispanic countries. This practice gives them the prestigious but fictitious cachet of someone capable of authority: an unscrupulous practice, by hubristic and narcissistic followers, who are always ready to present an incomplete analysis, insincere, mediocre as well as distasteful. His own sentimentality entices him to feel worthy of venerability, expecting all acolytes, but the reality is always more complex and uncertain than he claims, less clear than a biography on Wikipedia with contributions from his most adept followers. His temperamental mannerism and gesticulation manifests rage connoting imaginary opposition, besides an inefficient discourse. I do my mission to undress him to balance the opinion of thousands of cybernauts blindly following him, and flattering him as if he were the only reformer that would save Venezuela from Cuban totalitarian expansion.

In his incipient stage as a political pundit for the Internet audiences, Alberto Franceschi González boasts of being a Republican, or Repúblico as he calls his EVTV program. With the indelible image of the well-known portrait of General Francisco De Miranda imprisoned in La Carraca (once betrayed by Simón Bolívar) Franceschi speaks of the historical roots of partisan corruption in Venezuela without exposing that the tyrannical dictatorship of Venezuela constituted by thugs is directed by the totalitarian president of Cuba, Raúl Castro, and that Nicolás Maduro only acts as his straw man or pro consular representative. In fact, Venezuela became a dependency of Cuba, occupied by Cuba, since the election of the leadership of Hugo Chávez came to fruition, resulting from sixty years of Castroist interference through guerrillas, to later become parties affiliated to the mainstream of the Venezuelan Congress. It can be said that Venezuela was prepared to reach this critical moment in its neocolonialist history, through ever corrupt leaders and the political immaturity of its nation in its five republics and variable constitutions. What more can be expected from past generations inclined to the distraction of “how much is there for that?”, a traditional corruption; that Franceschi is now proposing to erase through the renewal of Christianity. Franceschi’s incoherent arguments and harangues are also part of a distraction analogous to Savonarola’s zelotism during the Florentine inquisition years of the seventeenth century. It is one thing to condemn the Narco-Castro dictatorship in Venezuela and another thing to become a condemner of human diversity under the mantle of protecting the Family—perhaps not far from a mafia understanding of family values, where he wants to be portrayed as the future Godfather of Venezuela . It is one thing to be a Catholic Christian and another to pose as a veiled anti-Semite. Human history has given us enough examples of this kind of reformers who end up being worse than what they had wanted to reform. Let us remember the final outcome from a Hitler or, as aforementioned, Girolamo Savonarola and let us face the possibility that Franceschi could certainly fall into the same excesses.

With half truths, the complex Venezuelan conflict can not be resolved. Venezuela will be free when the hideous legacy of the Castros disappears: propagated ideologically through mercenary agents in the countries of the Americas. That is the real threat that challenges us all, for which action is required, with less chatter by entertainers and less telenovela histrionics. The reasons for these in of themselves are not enough; the analysis is not ever sufficient either, and the predictions account rather for the fulfillment of past mistakes. One thing that we can agree would be that without a multilateral military intervention and a consensus among all the countries of the Americas, the security of the continent would continue to be jeopardized by the legacy of the Castros.

The real solution is in the hands of any prosecutor or court of the western countries, who with their own legal will and power over the pact of the Palermo Convention can seize and arrest any member of the agency that acts to commit a crime instead of governing. That would be the legal framework to eliminate the Venezuelan narco-State in association with PDVSA, which is a bridge for organized crime to facilitate drug trafficking, money laundering and to fund terrorist movements in the Middle East: this affects all countries of the Americas, and Europe. Likewise the Palermo agreement could be applied to the case of organized crime in Cuba and Russia. Undoubtedly, the consensus among all the countries of the Americas would be beneficial, although not necessary, to achieve the security of the continent. Only the decision of a court in a country where there is the rule of law and separation of powers is required. For example, the United States Department of Justice (Attorney General Jeff Sessions) could apply The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to PDVSA as an illicit organization without the consensus of any magistrate of any other country or any president whatsoever: totally independent of President Donald Trump.

The adoption, as a sycophant, of the extremism of the Trumpian agenda, far from giving Franceschi an ideology equal to that of wanting to be a Republican, reinforces the extremism of his hyperbolic contrasts, like that of a potential tyrant, thirsty for opportunism, who even hints with deference toward the corrupt Neo-Czarist Putin, by imitating him in his duplicities.

Recently, Franceschi has come to call me on Twitter a monumental faggot, when told that his agenda was to make homosexuality his scapegoat on a par with the Russian witch hunt of Vladimir Putin. What a great compliment would I have replied before being blocked from Twitter and from Periscope. I give myself the task of examining my own actions in full rejoice without hiding in subterfuges, unlike Franceschi, who seems to have identity issues by hiding between vainglories.

Like Chávez, who provoked hatred between classes in the name of a fictitious egalitarianism, and equal to the Castroist legacy represented by Maduro today, Franceschi’s ideology is divisive, invested as he is in preaching a categorical rejection of gender diversity; just as in the Middle Ages it would have been to deny that the earth was round and not the center of the universe. After two long millennia of Western persecution, thanks to an orthodox catholic church, the LGBTQ community in the scientific light has been able to achieve its validation through a better understanding of the diversity of genres—“Q” standing for Queer in a narrative devoid of sexuality and traditions about identity. In the last sixty years a historic expansion of humanity and family has come underway with same-sex marriages legalized around the world’s secular democratic societies, a conception much more advanced than the limited vision of the medieval family, based on a heterosexual binomial that was based on procreation and religion, as well as material and physical properties. Instead of seeing the positive about the expansion of human love, Franceschi chooses to ignore and antagonize significant scientific advances, placing himself demonstrably against more than 10% of the entire human population, while promoting the slogan of collective freedoms: calling himself a venerable republic among republicans.

There are many Venezuelan voices, anonymous cells of active resistance, with better preparation than Franceschi, those who really carry the transforming labor to push Venezuela out of the womb of darkness, those who do not waste their time in entertainment industry for a cybernetic audience. For as many merits he claims, Farnceschi remains foreign to the reforms that will take place in our country.

Venezuelans! Worse than electoral fraud is the corrupting partisanship of the opposition. Worse than the tyranny of the Castros, “Chavismo”, “Madurismo” and “Diosdadismo” is the pusillanimity and cowardliness of a people that continues to believe in the magic realism of leadership, or to believe in sacred voting rights while immersed in the impunity of a corrupt State. Worse than tyranny itself is the mind of the subjugated people, who still believes in an electoral exit. Worse still is the mind of the one who thinks that prayers would give solace. It is the mandate of a frog swimming in a pot over fire, getting used to a gradual departure from life.

Ignoring the Venezuelan tyranny through electoral abstention is a positive tactic, but it takes a great deal more action to overcome a totalitarian State, to rip the viper’s head. We must reject it in all instances, to fly in our own defense as if running from a voracious lion. We must reject registering for new ID cards that are the mark of the devil, as marking cattle. On the one hand, the “identity cards” intend to distribute benefits for members of the autocratic party of the PSUV, as represented by the puppet tyrant of Raul Castro: Nicolás Maduro. It is another instrument to advance the slavery of the Venezuelan population, sequestered by Chavismo and the Castros, analogous to Hitler’s concentration camp system, thus guaranteeing the ostracism and genocide of a dissident majority. The poor class that sells its soul for crumbs to survive is prey to the ignominy of a system of partisan state thugs engaged in stealing the common goods of the nation in the name of a fictitious revolution. Nothing less would satisfy the Castro agenda than to eliminate by attrition 23 million Venezuelans, to be able to dispose of the riches of Venezuelan territory among a minority: the great dream of the greedy Fidel.

It is necessary not to watch the official television network of the nation, nor to listen to reactionary reformers equal to Franceschi. We must not support any of the official media; not buy any of the newspapers of the day, which spread the propaganda of the Narco-State. We must make demonstrations against all the banks in the country that co-op the tyranny and its exchange system. We must abstain in mass from paying utilities and taxes. We must protest against courts and legislative bodies. We must provoke an administrative blockade that affects the governability of the tyranny. May they also be kidnapped. We must leave our cars blocking the streets. We must sacrifice public and private transport as roadblocks so that there is no mobilization or work access anywhere; that all roads in the country may become inaccessible to military and paramilitary transport. In other words, we must carry out a general civic strike that suffocates the country’s kidnappers on their own feet, without even having access to airplanes or helicopters; that all the luxury restaurants and shopping centers, where the elites and chavistas gravitate, are shut down to abort them from showing off their ostentatious dollarizing power; so that they nay be forced to flee away from the fury of the civil popular mass whom they have overwhelmed by two decades of treacherous indignities, with the theft of nation’s treasury and common goods; so that they may have to pray for the people’s forgiveness and compassion; so that they may have to swim back to Cuba or run to Colombia to recap their mercenary works in their own land; so that they may suffer the same tortures and infirmities they enforced unto us; so that they may be seized by the international DEA for drug trafficking and destroying human dignity in all corners of the world. Let Chavismo and the Black Wasps from Cuba die hanged on public scaffolding at the hands of all their victims.

The courage of youth is what turns retrograde thinking into the fertile ground for revolutions. Old cynical individuals, jaded and decrepit, foaming platitudes about expertise, may appear to think regression and stagnation of traditions are forces of authority; but there is no need to fret anymore, because soon they’ll be forgotten, and if at all remembered, it would be only by the stain of complacency and indolence of petty minds futilely resisting the wave of enlightenment

March 12th, 2018

Ricardo F Morin

“Not Guilty Verdict”: Regarding criminal gangs in New York City’s West Harlem; social decomposition; ineffective education and lack of Human Resources; understaffed police surveillance and laxe investigation, …

October 7, 2017

October fifth 2017, after three weeks of endurance, my service as a juror in a murder trial in Manhattan State Court was concluded with a not guilty verdict due to a reasonable doubt—over flimsy evidence, and a protracted seven years of detectives’ investigation. Although, the defense lawyer was hardly up to par, the burden of proof fell solely upon the district attorney, who could not manage to prove the case against the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. It was a hard wrenching experience for every one involved.

The medical examiner showed us photographically a detailed compilation before and after the autopsy to establish evidence of a 22 revolver’s 1/2” projectile’s passing through the body, which was the only ballistic analysis in terms of direction and cause of death. We had to observe stoically, with the maximum emotional modesty possible but not everyone succeeded.

The defense claimed the fifth amendment in order to not being open to examination or cross examination; there was no gun recovered, no DNA, no proven motive, a poorly visible video of the event, a stale case to boot, with a lot of hear-say interwoven throughout among two unreliable key eyewitnesses, 18 depositions and various estipulaciones in lieu of new witnesses.

Despite the tragedy, we, the jury, remained at peace with the decision, which could only be just and intelligent, devoid of bias or emotion. We chose to absolve a 17-year-old who was being accused of having killed a 14-year-old in Sept 2010 with a “community” gun. We concluded that it was a case of misidentification, not due to perjury by the witnesses but by a murky or nebulous set of events. Although, we believed there was collective collusion and complicity by the two West Harlem communities (West 140th and 141st Streets between 7th and 8th Avenues), who incited the tragedy; our doubt about the identity of the killer was greater than the evidence provided. Still we were not 100% sure of it, but had to be guided by the degree of doubt, which was greater than our certainty.

It took us 2 days and a half of deliberations and analysis to arrive at the verdict unanimously. We went from an even split of 50/50% to an unified, 100% understanding of the facts. When we announced the not-guilty-on-all-counts-verdict, in a sad and somber moment for both the family of the accused and the mother of the murdered child, as well as ourselves, it was very difficult for all involved to contain tears. After admonishing the court room to be quiet, the eminent and fair-minded judge Robert Stolz commended our carefully conscientious performance as jurors, stating the great relevance of our participation.

As we left the deliberation room, heading to a private elevator, which descended at the opposite end of the court at street level, we were cordoned off by a half-dozen police officers, while the acquitted’s family—kept aside—shouted their thanks amid inconsolable cries. From there on, except for me, the remaining eleven members of the jury went to a neighboring bar to relieve the great blow that we had felt. I waved goodbye to everyone between hugs, handshakes and kisses, wishing them well and congratulating them for their exemplary work!

Pondering how special was our experience, it may not have been possible for any one single individual to own such vision, the required compassion and the clarity to arrive at a consensus over something as tragic—arriving at the decision after two minutes of silent introspection and a single instance of total awareness in all of our minds at once; it was only conceivable by the group itself and no one in particular. So, I wonder if we were so unique a group; if any one other group could have arrived at the same conclusions, preventing either a wrong conviction or even a possible derailment of the case.

Criminal activity as a chosen life style (exemplified by young crews or gangs) among certain neighborhoods in New York City may be distinctly different from other communities in other states or abroad; but the underlying pattern of behavior seems to be commonplace among marginal communities: Lack of self love, undervalued self-esteem—due to lack of positive roles and lack of developmental opportunities— are perhaps the most insidious and corrosive causes. Moral suppression, self sabotage and low self esteem are indeed intertwined due to lack of guidance. The level of education is impaired by a hostile environment of reactive survival where children grow aspiring to achieve power in their relationships through means of oppression, verbal attack and physical domestic assault. So it is not surprising that they should die prematurely. Guns and knives turn to be of common usage in these communities, whose children’s resort to petty larceny until they become victims or seasoned murderers. It is no surprising under such harrowing circumstances that there may be such an encumbered path to preserve one’s human dignity. I believe being poor as being rich imports no virtue in of itself. However, if one focuses on the resources offered by the city of Manhattan to those communities struggling to survive, we must ask what we, as a collective society, are doing to remedy it: not being equally reactive while indifferent to such a plight. If we understand that those conditions nurture the worst in us, by cultivating psychopaths from an early age; what are we doing to reverse those conditions? What are we offering as non complementary conditions as well as solutions to the overarching social problem: where we all exist literally and equally vulnerable to violence? And yet still, are we not all responsible?

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