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Altercations of Pity

June 1, 2008

Let’s tally the malign investiture of us all;

To ponder on our deluding conception

Of irreversible neglect

When deprecations to a malicious man

Are no better than advices,

To be greedy hunters, predators and usurpers

Taunting warlords and drug lords.

Whence, the saintly wholeness

Of those counselors weaned on Machiavelli.

The bizarre symmetry to be ensued;

Covering ineptness with the castigation of the weak.

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From The Margins of Immateriality

June 1, 2008

Look for renewals departing from Life.
Let us defile institutional theory mongering,
a corrosive taxonomy at the service of petulance,
Marketing anachronistic slogans of nonsense.
Subservient to infamy,
Cohorts of Dilettantes,
Not lack delimitation as handmaiden to ignorance.

Who promotes the edge of a new fugitive survival?
Fleshing out servitude as style,
Replacing intellect with mordacious rapacity,
Parading unclothed, bareness of duplicitous souls,
With a gashing defiance of insatiable desire to own,
Clandestine culture of misbegotten?
Board of museums and CEO’s glowing and bursting forth,
Grotesquerie of gulosity, take-over of corporate predators!

Let us not jibe and succumb to chauvinism,
Emasculated by oppression
Take heed that Freedom is not for sale!

Would the web revolution lead artistic endeavors to a political revolution,
By replacing galleries, museums and the collector’s system of ownership?
Would the internal calling of an artist overcome the external demands of market survival?
Would such a calling already exist in a natural state, without the intervening forces of manipulative trends?
Would such a calling be subscribed to the exchange of exhibitionism and voyeurism for sales, acquisitions, commodities, as well as to the will of managing agents?
Would we face a new reality, one free of stardom and economic maneuvers?
Would participation and isolation not make any difference if such a calling serves no other purpose but its own needs?
Would history become both irrelevant and important at once: irrelevant as to how one may fit in and important as to how one may understand its limits?
Would knowledge not always be intertwined with some burdensome measure of superstition?
Would we repel a paradox on an arrogantly moral ground or tend unabashedly to our primordial instincts?

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June 1, 2008

Pillared vision of instinctive passion

Sung by nightingales cradled in daylight

Dread neither consequence nor precedence

For it belongs to eternity.


Reverberating and plangent, masking no longer

A solar plexus in protest to one’s limitations

Cracked, felicitous interpretation to his freedom

Away from the perverse shadows of cynicism,

Doubt no more, a drought of discontent.


Upheaval to communicate what’s most dear

As he rises from turbulence.

What’s most consoling of his inner lament?

Apollo opening Dionisio into the abyss of infinitude,

Bells ceased without tower to cling.


Let me rest on nothing but your caressing whisper,

Mused and detached

Return and departing at once

Carry this song into our universe.

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