On Learning and Perception

Only a mind that has not been committed, a mind that does not belong to anything, which is not limited in any way, would be a mind that could learn. There are things in life that can not be pretended: I think this is the case when an ideology is taken, one pretends all the time that one is not selfish, and pretends not to be violent, while in heart and mind one is full of contempt, when determining the parameters of any contrast.


In today’s world where there are so many problems, we are likely to lose our moral compass, and lose the quality of our perception: the quality of audition and the quality of sensitivity. If we are angry, and yet we are able to suppress anger, or be able to control ourselves, to not let anger rise again, our minds could still be insensitive as ever. One can get rid of hatred, but if the mind and heart were still petty they will create further antagonism. Therefore there will be no end to conflict.

Awareness brings its own illumination. But one must manifest it. It is necessary to initiate it, just as if one were catching the tail of a comet, which should be felt deeply before proceeding. The discovery of ourselves is so endless and requires constant research, a perception which is whole, a consciousness in which there is no selection whatsoever . The distance to the stars would be far less than the distance to ourselves. This journey is really a door that opens to the individual in his relationship with the world.

April 2, 2014



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