Repúblico Franceschi.

Venezuelans of all races, genders and tendencies rise up against the tyranny of all those would-be reformers with double discourse, the battle of egos between power mongers, the duplicity of mercenary politicians hectoring for our attention.

Let us begin with Alberto Franceschi-Gonzalez, who has never met the requirements of an academic doctorate, nor has he even tentatively been nominated in any field of study at any university; without known academic advisor; he knows not what it means to be dedicated to the demanding task that requires an exhaustive research or development for a doctoral thesis; he has not proven the capacity to wield debates to demonstrate a subtle breakdown of all aspects in a high-caliber issue: the hermeneutics of any subject, whether in the humanities or in any other field of research. Having made an appearance in a few higher-education courses at the Sorbonne University does not render him an academician who qualifies for a doctorate. Just as having made an appearance during the seventies in the Spanish resistance movement, against the military dictator, General Franco, does not hoist him as an expert in political science. In Wikipedia, Franceschi is purported to be instrumental in the success of the overthrow of the Soviet Union before Perestroika—not thanks to Gorbachev. And as if his vainglories of professionalism were not sufficient, Franceschi emulates with pride the exiguous theories of the aristocratic ideologist, Alberto García-Trevijano, whom he refers to as his guru and man of greater wisdom in Spain, a dissident activist of 94 years of age, who when speaking foams at the mouth from uncontrollable rage.

In his exaggerated exposition Franceschi justifies himself with a so called traditionalist “Catholic-Conservative-morality”: His vision of what institutional marriage should be, like a bulwark against a supposed sense of immorality, he claims that his concept of morality is confronted by a covert operation of moral destruction in a Hollywood conspiracy to inculcate mass homosexuality as a mere objective. His phraseology is clearly the product of a reactionary mentality along the lines of Vatican’s authoritarianism; which, ironically, anoints itself in a sanctuary of pedophiles who hate themselves in secret.

Franceschi’s hyperboles do not stop when he justifies them as a dark and incomprehensible panorama formed by an omniscient machinery for the control of human behavior-and one does not need to wonder far to realize he is referring to the entertainment industry led by non-Christians. And, of course, it would be extremely difficult for an ordinary man, immersed in prejudice and superficial chatter, to arrive at a coherent analysis.

His diatribe is so seriously convulsing, because in a single stroke it discredits Franceschi’s own support in favor of so called collective freedoms, erected by Garcia-Trevijano’s MCRC movement, thus rendering false the meaning of the Republic, that which in a better sense would refer to the understanding of human diversity, as well as the diversity of gender, which are an inescapable part of nature in all its complexity. It is even more serious when in the search for a better world than the human being has known for millennia, instead of affirming the discovery of the human being in all its complexities, tribal division and marginalization are to be emphasized by such would-be-reformers as indeed the human race has lived tormented by them since its millenary origins, i.e; reformers in favor of so called traditional values.

In any case, his apoplectic inconsistencies and typical gibberish in the use of language go hand in hand with calling himself a doctor, which confabulates an authority that Franceschi does not have— very much in spite of a general practice by lawyers and other disciplines of knowledge in Humanities among Hispanic and Latino countries. This practice gives them the prestigious but fictitious cache of someone capable: an unscrupulous practice, through hubristic and narcissistic followers, who are always ready to present an incomplete analysis, insincere, mediocre as well as distasteful. His own sentimentality entices him to feel worthy of venerability, of all acolytes, but the reality is always more complex and uncertain than he claims, less clear than a biography on Wikipedia contributed by his most adept followers. His temperamental mannerism and gesticulation manifests a rage of apoplexy connoting weak and imaginary opposition, a vulnerability that compromises his already inefficient discourse. I do my mission to undress him to balance some 300,000 people blindly following him, and flattering him as if he were the only reformer that would save Venezuela from the Castroist tyranny.

In his incipient stage as a political pundit for the Internet audiences, Alberto Franceschi González boasts of being a Republican, or Repúblico as he calls his EVTV program. With the indelible image of the well-known portrait of General Francisco De Miranda imprisoned in La Carraca (once betrayed by Simón Bolívar) Franceschi speaks of the historical roots of partisan corruption in Venezuela without exposing that the tyrannical dictatorship of Venezuela constituted by thugs is directed by the totalitarian president of Cuba, Raúl Castro, and that Nicolás Maduro only acts as his straw man or pro consular representative. In fact, Venezuela became a dependency of Cuba, occupied by Cuba, since the election of the leadership of Hugo Chávez came to fruition, resulting from sixty years of Castroist interference through guerrillas, to later become parties affiliated to the mainstream of the Venezuelan Congress. It can be said that Venezuela was prepared to reach this critical moment in its neocolonialist history, through ever corrupt leaders and the political immaturity of its nation in its five republics and variable constitutions. What more can be expected from past generations inclined to the distraction of “how much is there for that?”, a traditional corruption; that Franceschi is now proposing to erase through the renewal of Christianity. Franceschi’s incoherent arguments and harangues are also part of a distraction analogous to Savonarola’s zelotism during the Florentine inquisition years of the seventeenth century. It is one thing to condemn the Narco-Castro dictatorship in Venezuela and another thing to become a condemner of human diversity under the mantle of protecting the Family—perhaps not far from a mafia understanding of family values, where he wants to be portrayed as the future Godfather of Venezuela . It is one thing to be a Catholic Christian and another to pose as a veiled anti-Semite. Human history has given us enough examples of this kind of reformers who end up being worse than what they had wanted to reform. Let us remember the final outcome from a Hitler or, as aforementioned, Girolamo Savonarola and let us face the possibility that Franceschi could certainly fall into the same excesses.

With half truths, the complex Venezuelan conflict can not be resolved. Venezuela will be free when the hideous legacy of the Castros disappears: propagated ideologically through mercenary agents in the countries of the Americas. That is the real threat that challenges us all, for which action is required, with less chatter by entertainers and less telenovela histrionics. The reasons for these in of themselves are not enough; the analysis is not ever sufficient either, and the predictions account rather for the fulfillment of past mistakes. One thing that we can agree would be that without a multilateral military intervention and a consensus among all the countries of the Americas, the security of the continent would continue to be jeopardized by the legacy of the Castros.

The real solution is in the hands of any prosecutor or court of the western countries, who with their own legal will and power over the pact of the Palermo Convention can seize and arrest any member of the agency that acts to commit a crime instead of governing. That would be the legal framework to eliminate the Venezuelan narco-State in association with PDVSA, which is a bridge for organized crime to facilitate drug trafficking, money laundering and to fund terrorist movements in the Middle East: this affects all countries of the Americas, and Europe. Likewise the Palermo agreement could be applied to the case of organized crime in Cuba and Russia. Undoubtedly, the consensus among all the countries of the Americas would be beneficial, although not necessary, to achieve the security of the continent. Only the decision of a court in a country where there is the rule of law and separation of powers is required. For example, the United States Department of Justice (Attorney General Jeff Sessions) could apply The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to PDVSA as an illicit organization without the consensus of any magistrate of any other country or any president whatsoever: totally independent of President Donald Trump.

The adoption, as a sycophant, of the extremism of the Trumpian agenda, far from giving Franceschi an ideology equal to that of wanting to be a Republican, reinforces the extremism of his hyperbolic contrasts, like that of a potential tyrant, thirsty for opportunism, who even hints with deference toward the corrupt Neo-Czarist Putin, by imitating him in his duplicities.

Recently, Franceschi has come to call me on Twitter a monumental faggot, when told that his agenda was to make homosexuality his scapegoat on a par with the Russian witch hunt of Vladimir Putin. What a great compliment would I have replied before being blocked from Twitter and from Periscope. I give myself the task of examining my own actions in full rejoice without hiding in subterfuges, unlike Franceschi, who seems to have identity issues by hiding between vainglories.

Like Chávez, who provoked hatred between classes in the name of a fictitious egalitarianism, and equal to the Castroist legacy represented by Maduro today, Franceschi’s ideology is divisive, invested as he is in preaching a categorical rejection of gender diversity; just as in the Middle Ages it would have been to deny that the earth was round and not the center of the universe. After two long millennia of Western persecution, thanks to an orthodox catholic church, the LGBTQ community in the scientific light has been able to achieve its validation through a better understanding of the diversity of genres—“Q” standing for Queer in a narrative devoid of sexuality and traditions about identity. In the last sixty years a historic expansion of humanity and family has come underway with same-sex marriages legalized around the world’s secular democratic societies, a conception much more advanced than the limited vision of the medieval family, based on a heterosexual binomial that was based on procreation and religion, as well as material and physical properties. Instead of seeing the positive about the expansion of human love, Franceschi chooses to ignore and antagonize significant scientific advances, placing himself demonstrably against more than 10% of the entire human population, while promoting the slogan of collective freedoms: calling himself a venerable republic among republicans.

There are many Venezuelan voices, anonymous cells of active resistance, with better preparation than Franceschi, those who really carry the transforming labor to push Venezuela out of the womb of darkness, those who do not waste their time in entertainment industry for a cybernetic audience. For as many merits he claims, Farnceschi remains foreign to the reforms that will take place in our country.

Venezuelans! Worse than electoral fraud is the corrupting partisanship of the opposition. Worse than the tyranny of the Castros, “Chavismo”, “Madurismo” and “Diosdadismo” is the pusillanimity and cowardliness of a people that continues to believe in the magic realism of leadership, or to believe in sacred voting rights while immersed in the impunity of a corrupt State. Worse than tyranny itself is the mind of the subjugated people, who still believes in an electoral exit. Worse still is the mind of the one who thinks that prayers would give solace. It is the mandate of a frog swimming in a pot over fire, getting used to a gradual departure from life.

Ignoring the Venezuelan tyranny through electoral abstention is a positive tactic, but it takes a great deal more action to overcome a totalitarian State, to rip the viper’s head. We must reject it in all instances, to fly in our own defense as if running from a voracious lion. We must reject registering for new ID cards that are the mark of the devil, as marking cattle. On the one hand, the “identity cards” intend to distribute benefits for members of the autocratic party of the PSUV, as represented by the puppet tyrant of Raul Castro: Nicolás Maduro. It is another instrument to advance the slavery of the Venezuelan population, sequestered by Chavismo and the Castros, analogous to Hitler’s concentration camp system, thus guaranteeing the ostracism and genocide of a dissident majority. The poor class that sells its soul for crumbs to survive is prey to the ignominy of a system of partisan state thugs engaged in stealing the common goods of the nation in the name of a fictitious revolution. Nothing less would satisfy the Castro agenda than to eliminate by attrition 23 million Venezuelans, to be able to dispose of the riches of Venezuelan territory among a minority: the great dream of the greedy Fidel.

It is necessary not to watch the official television network of the nation, nor to listen to reactionary reformers equal to Franceschi. We must not support any of the official media; not buy any of the newspapers of the day, which spread the propaganda of the Narco-State. We must make demonstrations against all the banks in the country that co-op the tyranny and its exchange system. We must abstain in mass from paying utilities and taxes. We must protest against courts and legislative bodies. We must provoke an administrative blockade that affects the governability of the tyranny. May they also be kidnapped. We must leave our cars blocking the streets. We must sacrifice public and private transport as roadblocks so that there is no mobilization or work access anywhere; that all roads in the country may become inaccessible to military and paramilitary transport. In other words, we must carry out a general civic strike that suffocates the country’s kidnappers on their own feet, without even having access to airplanes or helicopters; that all the luxury restaurants and shopping centers, where the elites and chavistas gravitate, are shut down to abort them from showing off their ostentatious dollarizing power; so that they nay be forced to flee away from the fury of the civil popular mass whom they have overwhelmed by two decades of treacherous indignities, with the theft of nation’s treasury and common goods; so that they may have to pray for the people’s forgiveness and compassion; so that they may have to swim back to Cuba or run to Colombia to recap their mercenary works in their own land; so that they may suffer the same tortures and infirmities they enforced unto us; so that they may be seized by the international DEA for drug trafficking and destroying human dignity in all corners of the world. Let Chavismo and the Black Wasps from Cuba die hanged on public scaffolding at the hands of all their victims.

The courage of youth is what turns retrograde thinking into the fertile ground for revolutions. Old cynical individuals, jaded and decrepit, foaming platitudes about expertise, may appear to think regression and stagnation of traditions are forces of authority; but there is no need to fret anymore, because soon they’ll be forgotten, and if at all remembered, it would be only by the stain of complacency and indolence of petty minds futilely resisting the wave of enlightenment

March 12th, 2018

Ricardo F Morin


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