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Trump’s Futile Pressure

July 5, 2018

Besides being disappointed with the orchestrated news report about Trump’s failed efforts to persuade Latin American countries to intervene in the elimination of Venezuela’s Narco State, I can not help but wonder why now, why are we allowed to know all about this farce at this precise moment, a year after the events occurred and now presented by these reports? What exactly is the point, apart from dismissing and ridiculing Trump’s attempts as naive or hasty, when in reality it should be obvious that the security of the continent is in danger, that there is nothing naive or reckless about an intervention given the current events in South and Central America?

The conflicts and vacillations of Rex Tillerson, H.R. McMaster and Mark Feierstein were swept under the rug and glossed over; the press never questioned them; just as the last president of Colombia, Santos, with his own alliance with the Castros, was not on the radar of the press (It remains to be be seen if Ivan Duke makes any difference); or just as the press dismissed: the opposition leaders of Venezuela, which make up the dysfunctional establishment of Venezuela, as corrupt as those in power, they were also ignored.

Who benefits from these abstentions to intervene? Certainly the 27 million people of Venezuela, who are dying of hunger oppressed by criminals while they are buried in a spiral of hyperinflation never seen in human history, do not benefit.

We live in a world of mirrors. All are deflecting because, as it is obvious, most conflicts are due to conflicts of individual interest, not collective ones. But when the goal of avoiding a protracted conflict – already underway for almost 20 years – turns to burying heads into the sand of oblivion, the real naivete is exactly not to intervene. The misguided wisdom of such actions on the part of the press will return to bite many politicians and journalists in the back when it is too late, when history will take charge of the responsibility to prosecute them as accomplices to a Narco system. The desire for a parallel intervention was recently manifested by the Lima Group, which has now been discredited thanks to these reports that date back to a September 2017 consensus and not to the present one.

The elements of a military intervention to extract Nicolás Maduro and henchmen can not be equated with the elimination of Saddam Hussein and the incitement to radical tribal differences. Venezuela and Iraq have different geopolitical dynamics. In fact, Venezuela, a country of mixed races and creeds, could become a promising land of opportunities for all its citizens as well as for any investor interested in developing the multitude of its natural resources. The social confrontations in Venezuela are due to economic differences that a regime of criminals would never solve. And if it is allowed to go unchecked, it will infect its contaminating force to all regions of the Americas.

How could it be proven that the US economic sanctions are effective to combat cryptocurrency along with transnational cartel trades and money laundering that gradually undermine the global economy? Can anyone know that the influence of these factors may not be instrumental in the collapse of the world’s economy as we know it?

We are surrounded by many opinions, plausible statements to entertain us with possibilities, many of them from an imprecise perception, because they are a call to good sense before an increasingly difficult situation for all Venezuelans.

These possibilities remain an expression of hope, expectations that we all share, despite the fact that they have not led to an intervention in the last 19 years of Cuban interference. If there has been a dilation of that consensus that is sought, among so many European and American countries, between the diplomatic agencies and the various institutions of international security, which have remained immune to the urgency of the case; then it is valid to ask if there really is precision of purpose; if there is authenticity in the motivations; if there is sincerity and resolve.

It could be another two, three years and even longer period of clouding a remsolution between excuses and excuses, between timely oratories to every aspect of the crisis, between efforts to organize a coalition with the sole purpose of organizing without any effective result, organizing for the sake organizing, with a respectful indolence, with total indifference to the rubble of a society in ruins, a hungry nation, prey to the ignominy of extermination, while the countries of America and Europe entertain themselves with doubts and adorned hesitation.

The origin of the metastasis of the movement of 21st century socialism in Latin countries lies in the mistaken conception of egalitarianism to which those with a lack of resources and low social mobility aspire.

Hence, we see the vast majority of followers of the political party “Podemos” in Spain, just as those followers of the new socialist president of Mexico, López Obrador: the millennials, who are indolent lazy thugs looking for a paternalistic government that gives them everything at the expense of an autocratic or criminal regime, that which will finally steal from their own liberties to stay in power. Just see the good example provided by Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Cubans.

The difference is that the generations of the new millennium do not know or understand the difference until they live it in their own flesh. The stubbornness of the rebel consists in not recognizing his own restrictions and that’s why he stubbornly protests inequalities, believing that the key to happiness results from envy while he can steal from his neighbors the fruit of their efforts, instead of being educated or laboring with honesty.

These young generations want to be rich reality stars regardless of whether they deserve it. Their notoriety lays in the falsity of egalitarian narratives. They sustain and open the doors to the mercenary crusades of rogue states of the world: Those who want to align their interest in global geopolitics for the purpose of strengthening their subsistence, through the hegemony of rampant crime and exploitation of common goods.


Altercations of Pity

July 2, 2018

What would we regret the most, when faint-hearted leaders still exist in Venezuela?: When they do not have any alternative, other than to promote a beleaguered hope, to postpone the urgency in resolving an overflowing humanitarian crisis; a crisis that implies approximately 27 million victims, dying of hunger, strangled by a narco-state, at the hands of a tiny, but powerful, minority of victimizers armed to the teeth. Where is our compassion when such genocide, entrenched in thousands of increments, does not allow any alternative but to await for an uncertain moment of massive Epiphany, while the innocents cannibalize each other crushed in their dignity, or remain with tail between legs, like dogs to be sacrificed by a beast of sadism to the last icy breath?

If some of you remembered the crypto currency or bitcom proposition and the mini gold ingots-of which the beast Masburra echoed until not long ago-; it could then be understandable and even clearly intuitive-without a great surplus of insight-that behind such a financial entanglement, anti-utopian, laid the shadow of Putin’s conspiratorial strategy, embraced with such atavistic enthusiasm, and encouraged by an extensive regime of Russian quasi-corporate mafias, as well as the Cuban medieval proxy, the G2—and its ancillary guerrillas “de la’ FARC”— as well as ISIS, with the singular purpose of replacing the dollar and the euro by a system of exchange in favor of those, who were past and present, the heirs of the KGB’s legacy.

Much more deliberative and worse than the Gestapo itself, mid-century, these present Russian mafias, the G2 and ISIS, in addition to being well-oiled machines of death invested in armies and numerary anonymous corporations, represent the intelligentsia of an apocalyptic exchange system. This axis of a macabre exchange, works and drills all the regions of the world with a high ideological radicalism, whose objective is to tear down our civilization, and from whose vision, they seek to seize a destructive and critical opportunity in favor of a greater power worldwide.

Only under the rubble of a long established economy do they believe that great power would fall potentially onto their hands. One only needs to think about what happens through clandestine money laundering and the trans-nationalization of cartels that, step by step, unbalance the Western and Eastern economic systems, while destroying the innocent spirit of new millennials.

And one can reflect on what is so desirable to the Orthodox religions of Russia and the Middle East, or rather what they have in common in exploiting underdeveloped regions by massively starving them to death and that in such attrition they may open up in its wake the opportunity for an imperialist advance never before seen.

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