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A Venezuelan Mayhem

June 28, 2014

The web page of May 10, 2010, here below, presents implicit evidence that Simón Bolívar was executed at 47 years of age by order of U.S. President Andrew Jackson before Bolívar could initiate a blockade of the dissolution of Gran Colombia at the end of 1830, which had been led by the opportunistic and  dishonorable henchman: the much-vaunted ‘centaur of the plains’ José Antonio Páez.

Each of the Presidents of the Venezuelan Republic, in particular the military, from José Antonio Páez to the late Hugo Chavez, as well as the current Cuban straw man, Nicolas Maduro, all became instrumental in a process of misinformation in detriment of freedom. Likewise, we have an overabundance of historians who indulge in babbling nonsense, making it very difficult for us to understand the facts. While they are having fun with sentimentalities aimed at enlarging their misguided personal interests, the people become divested of their common goods. To echo the last words of a stunned Francisco Miranda as he addressed Simón Bolívar, while the latter defrauded him and accused him of treason, and consequently destined him to his death, imprisoned in “la Carraca” under the Spanish yoke:

“Mayhem!. These people (the military) are not able to do anything else, but a mayhem”

The lack of seriousness then as now prevails in this small Venice, plucked from the Great Colombia. With such ease, abutments are lost from warlord to warlord in the passage of time; we are still without a productive direction, as ever heading into an uncertain future. What good would so many constitutional changes and five republics be worth, whilst we do not take seriously ourselves as individuals.

The very proclamation before Bolivar dying in Santa Marta in December 1830 brings us his consciousness without an acceptance of his own faults, included his narcissistic messianic complex:

You have witnessed my efforts to establish freedom where tyranny prevailed before. I have worked with disinterest, even leaving my fortune and my peace. I abandoned the leadership when I became convinced that my humility inspired distrust. My enemies abused your credulity and trampled what is most sacred to me, my reputation and my love of freedom. I have been a victim of my persecutors, which led me to the doors of the tomb. I forgive them.
When I disappear from among you, my love tells me I should do the manifestation of my last wishes. I aspire to no other glory than the consolidation of Colombia. You must all work for the inestimable good of the Union: the people by obeying the present government to free itself from anarchy; ministers of the sanctuary by directing their prayers to heaven; and the military by using his sword to defend social guarantees.
Colombians! My last wishes are for the happiness of the country. If my death contributes to cease parties and consolidate the Union, I shall go down to the grave peacefully. “

But our reality is another. Simón Bolívar’s self-complacency was perceived only by himself in solitude, and did not help to consolidate any union: without a solid base to erect it, only the ambition of a desire. This established the path to the personality cult. Its legacy is representative of the social guarantees repressed by the violation of its rulers. Anarchy prevails because politicians are only interested in adulation and how to ravish common goods. Political ideology is only a tool to deafen the intelligence of its people. And as before and now, fanaticism and autocracy reign in our land.

“Mayhem!. These people are not able to do anything else, but a mayhem”


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